Industrial moving

Thanks to its acquired expertise, VLM can offer an all-in package to move production lines, machines, constructions, and much more. When it comes to industrial moving, safety and preparation are vital. Time is at stake, but quality is always the main goal.

VLM, backed by many years of experience and solid know-how, offers solutions for:

  • full reorganization of a production site
  • machine replacement or implementation of a new machine
  • international moving
  • heavy component manipulation and shifting (silos, transformers, etc.)
  • support and assistance in moving
  • a wide range of other challenges

As soon as we receive a request at VLM, one of our project managers will visit the site and prepare a full and detailed assessment and project proposal for the client โ€“ all aligned with the client’s instructions and requirements.

Comprehensive services:

  • Mechanical/electrical disconnection and connection of the installation
  • Charging/discharging
  • (Dis)assembling product lines, machines, etc.
  • Internally moving fork-lift trucks, ROLCASSETTES, etc.
  • Carrying out manipulations whilst using appliances, hydraulic equipment, hoisting material, etc.
  • Taking all measures regarding the working environment, like installing steel planking, gates, screens, etc.
  • (Exceptional) national and international transport
  • Rigging
  • Carring out all necessary adaptations to optimally integrate the equipment, i.e., for construction works, piping, transformation of utilities, etc.
  • Drawing up plans for hoisting, work descriptions, and an as-built file for all transformations.

Before we start working at the client’s site, our project manager prepares a full plan of the works to be carried out, based upon the work methodology that has been suggested. We always consult with the client. The single point of contact is very important here to reassure that the client knows whom to address. One of the vital elements of this preparation is safety.


  • VLM is part of a very select club of companies that have earned the highest safety certificate VCA-P.
  • Our in-house level 2 prevention advisor personally follows up on each project and ensures the support of our project’s support regarding safety through consulting, drawing up VGM plans, risk analyses, organizing toolbox meetings, etc.
  • At the client’s request, our prevention advisor can assist with or arrange on-site safety meetings.

We always deliver a final plan to ensure that all parties concerned are fully informed and know when the works will be carried out. Timeframes will always be in the best interests of the client. VLM guarantees 24/7 availability, offering the highest levels of safety by carrying out the works outside of office hours, ensuring any nuisance or disturbance is limited. Before we start working at the client’s site, we run a safety meeting, followed by the coordinating the works that need to be carried out.


  • Safety prevails
  • Quality and efficacy are crucial in order to minimize downtime and any distress
  • Clear and straightforward communication with the client to leave nothing to chance.

After we complete the works, our standard procedure is to review them with our client to check and make sure the client’s wishes have been met, and the customer is fully satisfied.

Essentially, the client just needs to contact VLM to see his project realized!

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