Who we are

For many years, VLM has been active as a reliable partner for maintenance, construction in metal and stainless steel, rigging, assembling, etc.

VLM ensures the preparation, production as well as the implementation, and realization of a project, where the client is always able to count on their most experienced and professional project managers who assist the client throughout the entire process. On top of this, the company provides qualified technicians to deliver the required and desired quality, which is guaranteed by the VCA-Petro certificate awarded to the company.

VLM is a young, dynamic, and efficient company that stands out through quality, knowledge, and service level. Clients can also count on flexibility, a determined and problem-solving approach, and clear, straightforward communication.

For many years, VLM has been an active and reliable partner for maintenance, metal and stainless steel manufacturing, rigging, and assembling. We ensure the preparation, production, and completion of projects mainly in the chemical industry, waste-disposal, and the food industry.